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Fantasy games company says everything is cool at Activision

by on28 July 2010

But these make games about aliens, what do you expect
Working for Activision has not changed us at all, according to Blizzard Entertainment's Michael Ryder. Ryder's outfit merged with  Activision in 2007 and he claims it had not changed the way it worked at all.

This is despite the fact that another Activision's buy out Infinity Ward had a mass exodus after co-founder Vince Zampella and president Jason West and staffers tried to sue the conglomerate for unpaid royalties.

However as far as Ryder is concerned  everything is fine with Activision, so we guess he has been paid his bonus following the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. He said the outfit makes the same decisions in the same way we always have, and the relationship with Activision hasn't changed that.

For Blizzard, our culture is extremely important.That culture, those values, binds us together and it defines the way we want to behave, Ryder said here.

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