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Job's Mob downgrades car expectations

by on24 January 2024

Apple's doomed attempt to make a vehicle is still vapourware

Apple, the company that brought you the iPhone, the iPad and the iMac, has been trying to make a car for over a decade. But it seems that the tech giant has bitten off more than it can chew, as its car project is facing yet another setback.

According to sources who are too scared to reveal their names, in case they are hunted down by Apple's black shirted security, Jobs' Mob has given up on its dream of making a fully autonomous car, and is now settling for a more modest electric vehicle with limited features.

But even that seems to be too much for the company, as it has pushed back its launch date to 2028 at the earliest, two years later than its previous estimate.

Apple's car project, which is shrouded in secrecy and has the code names Titan and T172, has been a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. Since it started in 2014, the project has seen several leaders come and go, countless staff get sacked, and numerous changes in direction.

But despite all the drama, the company still hopes that its car will be the next big thing that will boost its sales, which have been hit by a saturated smartphone market and a slump in China, its biggest cash cow.

But will Apple's car ever see the light of day, or will it remain a pipe dream? And will anyone actually want to buy a car from a company that is known for making expensive gadgets that break easily and have poor battery life?


Last modified on 24 January 2024
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