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MSI pulls Kaby Lake BIOS updates

by on14 October 2016

Unspecified big bug

Motherboard maker MSI has pulled BIOS releases over an unspecified error in its Kaby Lake update.

According to Bittech MSI recently installed an update to unlock support for Intel's Kaby Lake processors.

This sounds rather cool – rather than requiring a new board, the Kaby Lake support was just introduced as a free BIOS update. However, it seems that MSI might have accidentally introduced a bug. The bug is so bad that it has pulled the updates from its website entirely.

MSI's press release detailing the BIOS updates remains unchanged but another magazine, Computer Base, was told that the update had been pulled as 'an error was found [which] will be corrected currently'.

It is not clear what the bug is or what impact it has on users. It might be better that anyone who installed the new BIOS roll it back post-haste until MSI gives the all clear.

Last modified on 14 October 2016
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