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EVGA brings Z170 BCLK overclocking to non-K Skylake CPUs

by on18 January 2016

v1.07 BIOS updates now available

Following the rest of motherboard manufacturers, EVGA has now released new Z170 motherboard BIOS updates that bring BCLK overclocking for Intel non-K Skylake CPUs on Z170 Express chipset based motherboards.

Confirmed by EVGA's Product Manager Jacob Freeman on its Twitter account, EVGA has now released its new BIOS 1.07 updates that bring support for non-K Skylake BCLK overclocking, improved memory compatibility and improved internal graphics performance.

The list includes three EVGA Z170 Express chipset motherboards including the Z170 Classified, Z170 FTW and the Z170 Stinger.

Although it has not been stated in the forum where BIOS images are available, it is very likely that the 1.07 BIOS update for EVGA Z170 Express chipset motherboards also have the same restrictions seen before, including disabled IGP, lack of C-states, lack of Turbo mode and lower performance for AVX instructions.

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