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Motherboard shipments slump

by on14 December 2015

Asustek and Gigabyte see 10 per cent fall

Asustek and Gigabyte have seen interest in their brand motherboard shipments drop 10 per cent from last year.

According to Digtimes, both are shipping around 17 million units in 2015 and they are lucky. Smaller players are seeing dramatic declines in the year.

ECS, MSI and Biostar are seeing larger losses from their motherboard businesses. ECS turned its focus away from its own-brand motherboard business and Onda is giving up and taking its ball back.

Onda says it will be out of the industry next year and will be doing something more productive with its time.

It will not be the first, Digitimes said that global motherboard shipments will drop another 10 percent next year which means that more motherboard players will quit.

Asustek and Gigabyte each shipped about 8.5-9 million motherboards in the first half thanks to their strong marketing and price cut promotions.

Chipzilla’s introduction of Skylake processors did not boost consumers' demand as expected. After the third quarter the two key players only shipped less than five million motherboards.

Since their shipments are unlikely to dramatic sequential growths in the fourth quarter, their annual shipments are only expected to reach between 17-17.5 million units each.

Last modified on 14 December 2015
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