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ASRock Haswell boards listed in Euroland

by on03 May 2013

Socket 1150 dirty dozen

Someone at ASRock has jumped the gun, letting distributors and retailers list a dozen Socket 1150 motherboards for Intel’s upcoming Haswell chips. Since we are dealing with 12 different SKUs and we don’t have the exact specs, we won’t go into details, so let’s cover the basics. 

ASRock has two entry level mATX boards based on the B85 chipset. The B85M is the cheapest one, listed at €73 in Germany. It has just two DDR3 slots and no bells and whistles whatsoever. The B85 Pro4 is a bit more serious, as it has four memory slots and it is priced at €79.

Three H87 boards are in the mix as well. The H87M and H87M Pro4 are mATX boards priced at €81 and €86 respectively. The H87 Pro 4 is a full size ATX board, priced at €86. Of course, enthusiasts will probably go for Z87 boards and ASRock has four of them, priced between €112 and €129. They are the Z87 Pro3, Z87 Extreme3, Z87M Extreme 4 and Z87M Pro4. Sadly we don’t have the full specs at this time.

ASRock didn’t forget about the SFF crowd, either. It has three ITX boards to offer. The B85M-ITX is the cheapest one, priced at €81. The H87M-ITX and Z87E-ITX are priced at €102 and €153 respectively. 

Now all we need are some Haswell chips.

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