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Intel leaks 7-series motherboard details

by on09 November 2011

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Lots coming next year

Intel has leaked details of its upcoming 7-series motherboards in some of its marketing materials. The boards will be in the shops in March next year.

According to VR-Zone the first one will be the DZ77RE (which is codenamed Road's End) which will be a higher-end model than the current DZ68BC, possibility with Thunderbolt support. It will be cheaper than the  DZ77GA (Gaspar) which will come out at the same time. Both models should feature what Intel calls Max-OC, which will make them overclockable.

There will also be a Media series of motherboards. One wll be the DZ77BH (Blue Hills) and this alongside the DZ75SL (Spur Lake). They will have overclocking support. The DZ77BH has dual x8 slots for Crossfire or SLI.

Then there is the DH77SD (Sundale) which is an mATX model with a pair of mini PCIE Express slots. One of them looks like it has a mSATA slot for SSD caching. Then there is the DH77DF (Dry Fork) which is Intel's only mini-ITX consumer 7-series board. It also has a mini PCI Express slot, probably for mSATA support. 

The DH77KC (Knoll Creek) which is an ATX board, again with a mini PCI Express slot an mSATA support, just like its mATX sibling the DH77EB (EB lake). The H77 models appear to be shipping with DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort.

There are is also motherboards for the corporate market. Dubbed executive there is the DQ77MK (Moccasin Peak) which is a mATX board with USB 3.0 support and dual Ethernet. There is the  thin mini-ITX DQ77KB (Kearnens Bend) which also has  USB 3.0. Finally there is the DB75EN (Elkhorn Creek) which is another mATX board with USB 3.0 connectivity.

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