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Intel prepares seven Mini ITX Atom boards

by on24 June 2011

All for D2700 and D2500 parts
As of September, Intel will offer no less than seven different Atom motherboards all with slightly different set of features. They are all Cedar Trail based and have Cedar View-D CPUs, some slower and some faster, but all feature the same mini ITX form factor and the venerable NM10 chipset.

First on the list is Houlton DVI a board with VGA, DVI-D, Gigabit LAN and Atom D2500, comes with the D2500HND official name. It’s cheaper part is codenamed Houlton Legacy and the only difference is the lack of a DVI-E port.

Mount Union DVI has VGA/DVI-D, Gigabit LAN and Atom D2700. It goes under the market name of D2700MUD while D2700MU (codename Mount Union Legacy) is the same board without DVI-D.

Marshalltown codenamed board will end up with DXXXMT market name and it comes in thin m-ITX and has VGA and HDMI, Gigabit LAN and one of the new Atoms, it doesn't say which one just D2x00. The XXX part will probably be replaced with either 2700 or 2500 when the time is right.

D2700DC is the market name for Dry Creek codenamed mini ITX board with DVI-D and HDMI, the board has Gigabit LAN and Atom D2700, integrated graphics included in all of them.

The last one is codenamed Canoe Creek, market name D2500CC. Again, this is a Mini ITX board with NM10, VGA, DVI-I, Gigabit LAN as well as Atom D2500.

They are all scheduled to launch in the second part of 2011, most likely in September together with Cedar View-D Atom D2700 and D2500 parts.
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