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Intel uses Lucid to enable its version of Optimus

by on13 June 2011

On desktop
Intel has announced that it will use Lucidlogix Virtu technology on a few of its upper class motherboards and it will expand support to a few new ones. 

Virtu software will let you use Intel integrated graphics together with Nvidia or AMD graphics cards. The goal is to use superior media capabilities of second generation Core processors including Quick sync Video and once you want to play a game, the add in graphics card will kick in.

This works more or less like Nvidia’s Optimus, but its goal is to use Intel's core more than just for 2D desktop work, and we are not sure that Virtu wants to save as much power as Nvidia Optimus. This is a desktop thing at least for now.

Intel's DZ68DB was the first board to ship with Virtu software to enable this technology and via driver updates, four new boards will get support for Lucid Virtu. The list includes DH67BL, DH67GD, DH67CL and DH67VR.

This is certainly a nice win for Israeli-based Lucid. The necessary drivers as well as latest bios to enable this is Intel's official driver download site, here.


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