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AMD got calls for more chips

by on09 March 2011

When Sandy Bridge bug surfaced
AMD has told Fudzilla that they got more calls than usual after Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipset recall. Intel’s hell will serve someone well.

AMD didn’t want to get into details, but you can expect that they sold more than their usual share of CPUs, as long as they had enough in stock.

Motherboard manufactures at Cebit were not too happy about Intel’s slip up and you can imagine that Taiwanese motherboard companies didn’t really like the announcement date. Just to refresh your memory, Intel chose first days of Chinese New Year holiday to do the recall announcement.

Most motherboard companies got the B3 version of the chipset and they have started to ship them. If someone flew them to customers they might resurface very soon in a shop nearby.

We don’t know the real damage of this recall, but we believe that it will be significant and even after B3 boards hit the market, people might be reluctant to get one. The real question is how much is the reputation of Core i Sandy Bridge parts damaged.
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