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Nvidia done with chipsets

by on15 November 2010

Tegra SoC is the way to go
This Thursday, Nvidia’s CEO officially announced that the company is no longer building chipsets, with the company focusing on SoCs. We can't say we are surprised though, as Nvidia hasn't had the best of times lately and the company merged chipset and SoC teams earlier this year.

In the words of Jensen, the decision comes as a result of chipset business not growing this year, Nvidia’s failure to expand the sales of chipsets and because the company is keen on perfecting its Tegra systems on a chip.

This means that Nvidia will stop with its orders for necessary chips and production is no more, but certain chipsets will stay for a while more. Namely, Nvidia’s AMD chipset offer still stands strong and the MCP89 is set to stay for a while as well. 

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Last modified on 15 November 2010
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