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Raspberry Pi gets AI

by on05 June 2024

Raspberry Pi 5 AI kit

Raspberry Pi has launched a new kit that brings AI capabilities to the Raspberry Pi 5.

According to ZDNet, this kit pairs an M.2-format Hailo 8L AI accelerator with the Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ for a solution that's both powerful and energy-efficient. The Hailo-8L NPU chip, which can handle 13 trillion operations per second, fits into an M.2 2242 module that connects to the M.2 HAT+.

Once you hook it up to a Raspberry Pi 5 running the latest operating system, the NPU is ready to tackle AI tasks. It also links seamlessly with the Raspberry Pi's camera system and is compatible with various cameras.

The NPU enables the Raspberry Pi 5 to carry out AI functions like recognizing objects and faces, analyzing human poses, and more. This takes the load off the Raspberry Pi 5's CPU, freeing it up for other activities and making your projects more efficient and robust.

The kit also works with the Raspberry Pi Active Cooler to keep things cool and prevent overheating. For extra safety, there's an optional clear protective cover to shield the board from damage.

Priced at $70, the AI kit is up for grabs from authorized Raspberry Pi sellers such as PiHut,, and CanaKit.

Last modified on 05 June 2024
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