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Top vole declares AI “newest wave of creation”

by on24 April 2024

We are now gods

Head of Microsoft AI, Mustafa Suleyman, told the gathered throngs at TED 2024 that artificial intelligence (AI) was "the newest wave of creation since the start of life on Earth.”

Suleyman underscored the urgency of the AI wave, stating that humanity was riding "the fastest and most consequential wave ever." He further argued that the industry must urgently seek appropriate metaphors to encapsulate AI's future potential, a task crucial for "prioritising safety" and guaranteeing that AI continues to "serve and amplify humanity."

Calling AI "tools" was insufficient to describe their profound capabilities. "To contain this wave, to put the human agency at its centre, and to mitigate the inevitable unintended consequences that are likely to arise, we should start to think about them as we might a new kind of digital species," Suleyman said.

Painting a vivid picture of the future, Suleyman envisioned a world where "everything" – encompassing individuals, businesses, and governments – will be represented by an interactive persona, or "personal AI." He foresaw these entities as being "infinitely knowledgeable," "factually accurate, and reliable."

Suleyman is optimistic about AI's role in addressing global challenges, stating, "If AI delivers just a fraction of its potential" in sectors such as healthcare, education, and climate change, "the next decade is going to be the most productive in human history."

Addressing concerns about AI, Suleyman acknowledged the industry's tendency to avoid pessimistic outlooks but stressed the importance of having "the courage to confront the potential of dark scenarios" to maximise AI's benefits. He noted that while there have been "very, very few downsides" in the past few years, predicting the long-term trajectory is challenging.

Suleyman said that discussions about the potential dangers of autonomous AI models, which may arise within five to ten years, must begin immediately.

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