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GTA star rages at AI firm for stealing his voice

by on16 January 2024

GTA 5's Michael De Santa gets out his bat

Ned Luke, the actor who plays GTA 5's Michael De Santa, has blasted an AI firm that made an unlicensed voice chatbot based on the character and got the dodgy bot wiped from the internet.

AI firm WAME tweeted a link to its Michael chatbot on 14 January with the text: "Any GTA fans here? Now, take your gaming to the next level. Try having a real voice chat with Michael De Santa, the hero of GTA 5, right now!"

But WAME soon attracted the attention of Luke, who is not one to hold back.

He said: "This is fucking bullshit WAME. There's nothing cool about ripping people off with some rubbish computer guess of my voice. Don't waste your time on this rubbish."

Luke tagged Rockstar Games and the SAG-AFTRA union, and then the chatbot and tweets plugging it were deleted. Other actors, including Roger Clark, joined in with sympathy about how much this stuff sucks. But Luke was not done yet.

"I'm not scared of being replaced, Roger; I just hate these fuckers, and am fuming that our crap union is so weak that this will soon be a problem on proper work, not just some lame twat tryna make $$ off of our voices."

Luke is talking about a recent SAG-AFTRA "ethical AI" deal, which has gone down with some of its members like a cold vomit.

Musician Marilou A. Burnel (unrelated to WAME) said, "Creative people make amazing things with AI, and the opposite is also true."

"Not with my voice, they don't," says Luke.

WAME gave a statement saying they have "deep understanding and worry."

"This incident has shown the complex link between the progress of AI tech and the ethical and legal areas," said WAME.

 "WAME promises to protect the rights of voice actors and creators while pushing ethical AI practices."

Last modified on 16 January 2024
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