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AI art company using humans in a lot of its work

by on07 September 2023

Kaedim sometimes does not even use AI modelling at all

In a move which will anger many robots, an AI art company has been caught out using humans to take away their jobs.

AI company, whose founder Forbes included in a 30 Under 30 list recently, claims to use machine learning to convert clients' 2D illustrations into 3D models. The company, called Kaedim, actually uses human artists for 'quality control.'

According to 404 Media, at one point, Kaedim often used human artists to make the models. One of the sources said workers at one point produced the 3D design whole cloth themselves without the help of machine learning at all.

The story shows how hyped startups are overstating the capabilities of their AI. To be fair, Kaedim wants to use AI to do tedious labour that is currently being done by humans. In this case, 3D modelling is a time-consuming job that video game companies are already outsourcing to studios in countries like China. Kaedim is using AI to some of the work, but it equally not completely doing what it says on the tin.

Last modified on 07 September 2023
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