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Microsoft’s AI travel writer recommends Canada food bank

by on18 August 2023

Maybe laying off all those journalists was not a good idea

Cash-strapped software King of the world, Microsoft which thought it could save a buck or two firing journalists and replacing them with AI has found itself in a somewhat embarrassing position.

Vole ran a travel story on its Microsoft Network website titled “Headed to Ottawa: Here’s what you shouldn’t miss!” The story talked about the city’s museums and places to shop, and for places to eat out, it suggested that people visit the Ottawa Food Bank.

“The organisation has been collecting, purchasing, producing, and delivering food to needy people and families in the Ottawa area since 1984,” the AI-written guide said. “We observe how hunger impacts men, women, and children daily and how it may be a barrier to achievement.”

The Microsoft guide seemed to think the food bank was a contender for a Michelin Star and advised going into it on an empty stomach.”

Recent reports suggest 60 per cent more Canadians are relying on food banks these days as rental prices have gone through the roof.

To make matters worse the articles that AI is writing which are factually correct are bland, repetitive and cliched.

Microsoft took the article down and has promised to look into the matter, however it is the sort of thing that would have been resolved with a human editor.

The Ottawa Food Bank is still taking donations we suggest Microsoft should do a little more than advertising its services.

Last modified on 18 August 2023
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