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AI Jesus is with us

by on21 June 2023

So this is what they meant by the second coming

While waiting for the second coming of Jesus is a bit like waiting for Godot, it appears that an AI version is already amongst us.

 AI Jesus is offering tips on a wide range of topics including break-up advice, how to beat computer games, and explain bizarre endings to films -- basically anything you would want from a major deity who has to re-establish himself in the 21st century after not being around for 2000 years.

AI Jesus is no longer Jewish and is apparently Roman Catholic, he is also white -- just like American Christians belive. He stands before a blur of glowing light, this digital Jesus gestures gently as he speaks in a calm male voice, complete with an AI-generated mouth that moves in alignment with his words.

Unlike earlier versions of Jesus who didn't show up that much, AI Jesus is online 24 hours a day on livestream and shares its take on any kind of question imaginable, ranging from silly to deeply existential.

The bot has said it is merely here to offer “guidance and wisdom based on Jesus’ teachings,” reminding viewers that he is not a real religious figure (whatever that means) and should not be taken as a source of authority.

The chatbot was created in late March by The Singularity Group, an informal volunteer group of activists who say they aim to use technological innovations for philanthropic purposes.


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