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AI sues AI

by on03 May 2023

And so it begins

OpenAI has sent a snotogramme to GPT4free demanding that it cease to exist within five days or face a lawsuit.

GPT4free provides free access to the GPT4 and GPT3.5 models by funneling those queries through sites like, Quora, and CoCalc and giving you back the answers. The project is GitHub's most popular new repo, getting 14,000 stars this week.

However, OpenAI is not amused and has sent a cease and desist to the project’s creator Xtekky demanding it is taken down. Xtekky doesn't think OpenAI should be targeting him since he isn't connecting directly to the company's API but is instead getting data from other sites that are paying for API licenses.

It is possible to do the same thing by opening the tabs of sites GPT4free is just a bit simpler. He could understand if the sites who paid for the licences were cross and he is more than happy to take down scripts that use individual sites' APIs upon request from the owners of those sites. He said he has already taken down scripts using, and

Even if he refused any of these sites could block external uses of their internal APIs with common security measures such as blocking API traffic from IPs that are not their own.

Xtekky told Toms Hardware that he plans to keep the repo up and to tell OpenAI that, if they want it taken down, they should file a formal request with GitHub instead of with him.

"I believe they contacted me before to pressurise me into deleting the repo myself. But the right way should be an official DMCA, through GitHub."


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