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Thiel shows how AI can kill people

by on28 April 2023

Palantir demos how the military might use AI to fight a war

Palantir, the company owned by billionaire Peter Thiel, is launching the Palantir Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP), software meant to run large language models like GPT-4 and alternatives on private networks.

In one of its pitch videos, Palantir demos how a military might use AIP to fight a war. In the video, the operator uses a ChatGPT-style chatbot to order drone reconnaissance, generate several plans of attack, and organize the jamming of enemy communications.

In Palantir's scenario, a "military operator responsible for monitoring activity within eastern Europe" receives an alert from AIP that an enemy is amassing military equipment near friendly forces. The operator then asks the chatbot to show them more details, gets a little more information, and then asks the AI to guess what the units might be.

"They ask what enemy units are in the region and leverage AI to build out a likely unit formation," the video said.

After getting the AI's best guess as to what's going on, the operator asks the AI to take better pictures. It launches a Reaper MQ-9 drone to take photos, and the operator discovers a T-80 tank, a Soviet-era Russian vehicle, near friendly forces.

Then the operator asks the robots what to do about it. "The operator uses AIP to generate three possible courses of action to target this enemy equipment," the video said. "Next, they use AIP to send these options up the chain of command automatically."

The options include attacking the tank with an F-16, long-range artillery, or Javelin missiles. According to the video, the AI will even inform everyone if nearby troops have enough Javelins to conduct the mission and automate the jamming systems.

What is scary about the movie is that Palantir is offering the illusion of safety and control for the Pentagon as it begins to adopt AI. Clearly, no one appears to have seen the 1980s movie Wargames, or they would be opting for a nice chess game instead.

"LLMs and algorithms must be controlled in this highly regulated and sensitive context to ensure that they are used legally and ethically," the pitch said.

According to Palantir, this control involves three areas. AIP can deploy these systems into classified networks and "devices on the tactical edge." It claims to parse classified and real-time data responsibly, legally, and ethically.

According to the video, users will then control what every LLM and AI in the Palantir-backed system can do.

"AIP's security features what LLMs and AI can and cannot see and what they can and cannot do," the video said.

"As operators take action, AIP generates a secure digital record of operations. These capabilities are crucial for mitigating significant legal, regulatory, and ethical risks in sensitive and classified settings.


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