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Developer says AI can make a good debugger

by on12 April 2023

BioBootloader does all the work

A developer called Wolverine has come up with an AI-based program which takes all the donkey work out of debugging code.

The developer called "BioBootloader" created the programme nicknamed Wolverine to give Python programs "regenerative healing abilities" and it is based on  GPT-4

Hackaday said the software will run your scripts with it and when they crash, GPT-4 edits them and explains what went wrong. BioBootloader tweeted,

Showing his code off in a video he claims "Even if you have many bugs it'll repeatedly rerun until everything is fixed."

BioBootloader shows a side-by-side window display, with Python code on the left and Wolverine results on the right in a terminal. He loads a custom calculator script in which he adds a few bugs on purpose, then executes it. "It runs it, it sees the crash, but then it goes and talks to GPT-4 to try to figure out how to fix it," he says.

GPT-4 returns an explanation for the program's errors, shows the changes that it tries to make, then re-runs the program. Upon seeing new errors, GPT-4 fixes the code again, and then it runs correctly. In the end, the original Python file contains the changes added by GPT-4.


Last modified on 12 April 2023
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