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UK invests £900 million in a new supercomputer

by on16 March 2023

After Brexit UK fears falling behind in the AI race 

The UK, which once had an Empire and a favoured status in Europe, is having to invest in its own supercomputer as it fears falling behind the rest of the world in artificial intelligence.

The UK government is to invest £900 million in an oven-ready cutting-edge supercomputer as part of an artificial intelligence strategy that includes ensuring the country can build its own “BritGPT”.

The treasury outlined plans to spend around £900 million on building an exascale computer, which would be several times more powerful than the UK’s biggest computers, and establishing a new AI research body.

An exascale computer can be used for training complex AI models, but also have other uses across science, industry and defence, including modelling weather forecasts and climate projections.

The Treasury said the cash will “allow researchers to better understand climate change, power the discovery of new drugs and maximise our potential in AI.”.

Last month, MPs were told the UK needed to invest in large language models or it risked losing out to states such as China and major corporations.

BT’s chief data and artificial intelligence officer told the Commons science and technology committee that the UK could lose out to the large tech companies, and possibly China, and get left behind … in areas of cybersecurity and healthcare,. 

The government will also invest £2.5 billion over the next decade in quantum technologies which should buy enough cats.


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