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Musk returning to AI after dismissing it as dangerous as nukes

by on01 March 2023

Oh look, another shiny thing

After dismissing AI as being “as dangerous as nukes” and flogging off his stake in OpenAI, thinking man’s prosciutto Elon [look at me] Musk has realised that he might have missed something and wants back in.

According to The Information, the billionaire has been reaching out to AI researchers about founding a new lab to challenge OpenAI and be much more focused on Musk than Microsoft.

In December, Musk criticised OpenAI for “training AI to be woke”, so he probably wants his AI to be as right-wing friendly as IBM tools in WW2 Germany. Everyone wants their AI to be like Daleks enacting Davros’s plans. If Musk is AI’s Davros, then the Daleks will run around the multi-universe like chickens with their heads cut off, saying things like “We are the superior beings, praise Musk, or you will be exterminated.”

Musk wants to hire Igor Babuschkin, a researcher who recently left Google’s DeepmindAI lab. The billionaire’s project is still in its early stages, and Babuschkin has not officially agreed to join.

The news that Musk is chasing yet another shiny object will not sit well with is over companies. Investors in Tesla have been begging the Musk to focus on the electric car company that provides most of his wealth. Their pleas have mostly been ignored and his wealth is dropping.

Musk has been distracted with firing people and destroying Twitter, so the remaining staff at the social networking site will probably be relieved to see the back of him.


Last modified on 01 March 2023
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