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Samsung partners with NAVER on AI chips

by on06 December 2022

NAVER say never

Samsung has partnered with NAVER to develop semiconductors that can better handle AI workloads.

The deal will cross  Samsung’s semiconductor design abilities and NAVER’s expertise in AI algorithms and AI services. The two Korean companies are now working together to develop semiconductors that are optimised for working with artificial intelligence workloads.

Samsung's Executive Vice President of Memory Global Sales & Marketing Jinman Han said: "Through our collaboration with NAVER, we will develop cutting-edge semiconductor solutions to solve the memory bottleneck in large-scale AI systems. With tailored solutions that reflect the most pressing needs of AI service providers and users, we are committed to broadening our market-leading memory lineup including computational storage, PIM (processing-in-memory) and more, to fully accommodate the ever-increasing scale of data.”

Samsung says it has been developing memory and storage products designed for AI, including SmartSSDs, PIM-enabled high bandwidth memory, and next-gen memory that supports the Compute Express Link interface. Collaborating with NAVER, the company can optimize this technology. NAVER will be working on refining HyperCLOVA, a hyperscale language model, and improving compression algorithms that boost computing efficiency.


Last modified on 06 December 2022
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