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AI appointed CEO

by on12 September 2022

Another Dilbert prediction comes true 

A Chinese metaverse company has officially appointed an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot as the CEO.

Tang Yu, the robot, will lead the operations at China's NetDragon Websoft. With this responsibility, she is going to become the first robot in history to hold an executive role in a firm.

To be fair while the job takes the most money in the company it is not as if anything a CEO does makes the slightest bit of difference. Many companies could easily replaced their CEO with a badger and the only difference would be the strange smell at board meetings.

The company Yu will be leading develops multiplayer online games and creates mobile applications. She will take care of the operational aspects which are worth almost $10 billion.

The press statement of the company revealed that the new humanoid CEO will increase the execution speed of tasks and "optimise process flow". As the robot will act as an analytical tool, she will ensure logical decision-making every single day.

Yu will also make the risk management system more efficient, the statement claimed.

Chairman of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma once predicted  that in 30 years, Time Magazine would feature a robot as one of the best CEOs.  Still the do a better job than reality game show contestants. 

Still, this is another Dilbert prediction that has come true.

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Last modified on 12 September 2022
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