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Volvo Group picks Nvidia for its self-driving industry AI vehicles

by on19 June 2019

Big deal for Nvidia

The Volvo Group has announced it will be using Nvidia's Drive end-to-end autonomous driving platform for training, testing, and deployment of self-driving vehicles, aiming at public transport, freight transport, refuse and recycling collection, construction, mining, forestry, and other industries.

The partnership includes engineering teams from both Nvidia and Volvo, which will build on the Drive AGX Pegasus platform with Drive AV software stack, providing 360-degree sensor processing, perception, map localization, and path planning, as well as test and validate systems with Nvidia's own Drive hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform.

“Partnership is the new leadership”, said Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt, with Nvidia founder and CEO beside him on stage. “If we are to succeed in the future with the speed, quality and safety, and to gain benefits of autonomous driving, we need to partner up with the best guys. In this world of unknowns, you need a partnership built on trust.”

“Our two industries have been separate since their founding”, said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. “Today we announced one partnership to develop the future together. For the first time, we can imagine supplying  AI for something that wasn’t possible before, the automation of transportation.”

According to Nvidia, there is a huge demand for AI in those markets for autonomous trucks, including delivery and transferring goods, lowering delivery times, increasing efficiency, and bringing down the annual cost of logistics.

With safety in mind, Volvo Group will be using the Nvidia Drive Constellation to test and validate autonomous vehicles.

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Last modified on 19 June 2019
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