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AI beats Chinese doctors in a spot-the-tumour competition

by on04 July 2018

Spot-the-tumour games are apparently popular in China 

An artificial intelligence system called BioMind has managed to defeat a team comprised of 15 of China's top doctors by a margin of two to one.

When diagnosing brain tumours, BioMind was correct 87 percent of the time, compared to 66 percent by the medical professionals. The AI also only took 15 minutes to diagnose the 225 cases, while doctors took 30.

When it came to brain hematoma expansion, BioMind was correct in 83 percent of cases, with humans managing only 63 percent.

Researchers trained the AI by feeding it thousands upon thousands of images from Beijing Tiantan Hospital's archives. This has made it as good at diagnosing neurological diseases as senior doctors, as it has a 90 percent accuracy rate.


Last modified on 04 July 2018
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