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Dell shows off its answer to Microsoft's Surface Studio

by on04 November 2016

PC innovation enters new era 

Microsoft's Surface Studio has been getting much praise for its innovative design, and while Apple is slow to copy it, Dell has pushed out its own version which looks rather nice.

At Adobe's Max conference, Dell showed off its own ideas for a creative studio and even if it did not tell anyone about the device’s specifications it did give some indications what the future holds.

The most notable feature is the device's two touch panels. We could not work out if the two screens are attached and operate in unison. Whatever happens it looks super-cool. Design-wise it is not Microsoft's Surface Studio, but it does look like Dell has taken some of Vole’s direction and wants its device to be a competitor.

Dell said that there are six front facing speakers which will be handy for video and music editors.

During the teaser, a Surface Dial-like device can be seen manipulating paint, and selecting photographs. This seems to have take up some of the hints that Microsoft has been suggesting with its Windows Creators update which will be in the shops in Spring 2017. This is designed to encouraged OEMs to support upcoming Windows 10 features and it seems that Dell has taken the challenge.

Dell will release more information on its all-in-one at CES 2017.

What we find interesting is that Microsoft, and now Dell, are stealing Apple’s design thunder, particularly when it comes to PCs. For a while Apple has not really bothered with PCs, presumably because there is not much money in them. However Microsoft and Dell’s approach could actually encourage people back to the PC.

Last modified on 04 November 2016
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