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China tablet makers giving up on tablet craze

by on17 August 2015

Writing is on the wall

If you want proof that the tablets are going the way of the hoola hoop and other fads, have a look at what China's tablet makers are doing.

Holitech, DPT-Touch and Silead were making money during the tablet craze making white-box tablets on the cheap. However now they have been seeking orders for other applications such as smartphones, industrial control, automotive devices and wearables.

In short, they want out of the Tablet market.

One of the key reasons is the fact that Apple, which started the craze for keyboardless netbooks has felt that it has over milked the idea and squeezed all the money it can out of it.

Jobs' Mob is not planning to release a next-generation model to replace the existing iPad Air tablet, although its fourth-generation iPad mini is still a go.

Before you hold your breath, world on the street is that the fourth-generation model will only have a few small upgrades from the third-generation, which was not greatly different from the second generation.

With large-size smartphones also biting off demand, tablet vendors such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Asustek Computer and Amazon are expected to face more pressure on their sales performance.

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