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Windows 10 and Broadwell Powered Surface Pro 4 planned

by on29 April 2015

12 inch display

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which suggests that Microsoft is gearing up to release a Broadwell powered fanless Surface Pro 4 with a 12-inch 2160x1440 display.

The rumour's source is Tweaktown which thinks that it will be timed to come out with the release of Windows 10.

Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 3 successor is rumoured to have quite a spec sheet, including Intel's fifth-generation Core processor.

The Surface Pro 4 will feature a Broadwell processor from Intel with a fanless design "but with tiny holes for heat radiation", and "no noise" because of the fanless logic board.

The 12-inch display will remain, with its 2160x1440 resolution, and of course, Windows 10.

The U-series Broadwell CPU should still generate heat, but the theory is that the holes in the Surface Pro 4 should let out most of it out. Until it gets clogged with dirt, fag ash and smeg at least.

Microsoft should unveil the Surface Pro 4 as part of its launch during Windows 10, which flies out the window sometime in July, according to AMD.

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