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Skylake notebooks to get thinner

by on25 March 2015

1mm thinner, 50 grams lighter

The upcoming Skylake notebook platform should get up to 60 percent lower SoC power draw and up to 35 percent longer HD playback

This new platform is expected in late 2015, probably Q4 2015, with the new Core M and Core i7 6000U line of processors and Intel is spreading the word to its partners that Skylake notebooks can be even thinner than existing designs.

Intel expects that Skylake based notebooks can end up 1mm thinner by going from 35Whr 500Whr/L 10Kmm2 board to a 25Whr 500Whr/L solution.

The company believes that this will result in a 50 grams weight reduction, assuming companies go for 25Whr batteries, and it is possible to slim down the overall design even further, but an 0.3mm reduction in the z-axis (height) on the screen (glass + touch + display) assembly.

Considering that both Broadwell and Skylake are using the same 14nm manufacturing process, this looks like a nice achievement, especially since Intel wants to play the "no wires, no passwords" game with Skylake. The company hopes that many manufactures will start offering wireless inductive charging pads.

The Skylake generation notebooks will feature WiDi 6.0 and WiGig dock, and wireless charging also known as A4WP.

This is all the part of rezence alliance, where Intel is only one of the many players. The list includes some big names like Acer, Asus, Broadcomm, Canon, Qualcomm, Dell, Deutsche Telekom, Emirates, Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, Toshiba and many more.


Last modified on 25 March 2015
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