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Shield Tablet gets Android 5.0.1 update

by on24 December 2014

Tablet software upgrade 2.1

Nvidia definitely wants to keep its supporters at its toes. Nvidia Shield tablet is the only tablet outside the Nexus series to get Android 5.0 and guess what, Nvidia just announced 5.0.1 as well.

Nvidia packed the 5.0.1 update in its 90 MB heavy Shield Tablet software upgrade 2.1 and the company claims that you can expect a few improvements. The 5.0.1 update is a minor release which includes a few bug fixes and updates, but with 2.1 software update you can expect improvements in general UI and app responsiveness including switching between apps.

The camera is getting Live ED effects (HDFX), where the Camera Awesome app is using Tegra K1 GPU to deliver live preview and full resolution recording with the effects. Next in line is the Shield power control menu as this is what the community wanted. Someone at Nvidia is listening to the crowd. The Shield tablet software upgrade 2.1 brings enhanced support and optimization for memory intensive apps and some localization improvements.

A big thing coming with the 2.1 software update is the OpenGL 4.5 support and this is the latest API that comes to tablets and discrete GPUs in desktops and notebooks at the same time. This is a nice development for game lovers as it might be easier to create games that will run on both Android and PC.

In case you have the Nvidia Shield tablet, check if the update is available - this might be one of Nvidia's way to wish you happy holidays.

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