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EVGA Tegra Note 7 tablet sold out

by on06 December 2013

Plenty of interest apparently

We have heard that first Tegra Note 7 to launch in US sold out quite quickly and that there should be more coming soon. EVGA and Newegg are the winners, as both had an exclusive distribution deal to start with. This is not a surprise as EVGA is Nvidia’s key partner in North America and Newegg already had an exclusive with Nvidia for the Shield console. Newegg obviously did a good job for Nvidia, considering that it won another exclusive.

EVGA’s Tegra Note 7 is Nvidia’s first tablet product and apparently customers liked it. It has an attractive price point and a snappy processor, but it also lacks a few things that would make it perfect, e.g. a high resolution screen. We are quite confident that Logan will find its way into future Tegra Note tablets next year and that Nvidia and EVGA will try to expand their presence in this market.

The exclusive is over, as HP just announced the HP Slate7 Extreme based on Tegra Note 7 design, but currently this tablet is still not available. As HP is selling its own stuff, we expect that at one point it will start selling this tablet as well. There are no indications when will this happen.

We don’t know when EVGA plans to dispatch the second batch of these tablets. There are no indications when they will be back in stock and since Newegg doesn’t accept pre-orders, you can simply wait for it to come back in stock. Once it becomes available again it will be listed here.

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