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$599+ Ultrabooks getting touch

by on05 December 2013

5- to 8-hour battery

Intel has spoken about $599 Ultrabooks on numerous occasions and despite its best efforts to educate the market it's quite hard to find them on the bushel of Ultrabooks. Usually the “$599+” price means that these products are far more likely to end up priced north of $599, but we got some specs what Intel expects you to get with basic Ultrabooks.

They should come in Ultrabook clamshell size and feature touch sensitive screens and they are based on 3rd or 4th generation Core i3 processors. The screen size runs from 11.6 to 13.3 inches in the on-the-go market, to 14 to 15 inches in the entertainment market.

These machines come equipped with Intel HD graphics 4000, have touchscreen displays of unknown resolution, 4GB DDR3 memory and 500 GB HDD with SSD cache. They will ship with wireless display support.

When it comes to battery life, Intel tells you to expect 5+ hours on some machines and 8+ hours on some (probably 14 – 15 inch designs) but it's not really crystal clear what they mean with it. In case they ship with 4th generation Intel Core i3 you can expect one week standby time with always fresh data.

The price ranges all the way from initial and attractive $599 to the next level that starts at $799, where Intel offers Core i5 parts and two-in-one multi-touch Ultrabooks. Of course nothing changed if you want the top Ultrabook with Core i7 4th generation processor codenamed Haswell and top spec, it will cost you $999.

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