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LTE Chromebook Pixel coming on 8th of April

by on26 March 2013

In the US at least

While the WiFi version of the Google Chromebook Pixel has been already selling for quite some time, the LTE version was AWOL, at least until now.

Google Play store has been updated and the LTE version of the Google Chromebook Pixel will be shipping to US customers by April 8th. Of course, all good things come with a price and in the case of the Chromebook Pixel LTE the price is set at $1,449, or US $150 more than the WiFi-only version. Bear in mind that the LTE version also has 64GB or double the amount of local storage and also gets 100MB of free data per month on Verzion's LTE network.

The Google Chromebook Pixel sounds pretty good but at that price there are a lot of other options to go for.


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