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Teardown reveals Surface Pro is unrepairable

by on14 February 2013

Worst iFixit score ever

A teardown of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro tablet has revealed that it is virtually impossible to repair.

The tablet got the worst score handed out by iFixit, just one out of ten. It ranked lower than the iPad and Surface RT.

The teardown revealed that the screen is held in place by “a metric duckload” of adhesive, which means it is almost impossible to remove. The battery is also glued in place and iFixit claims that it is impossible to replace without wrecking the back cover. As if a “duckload” of glue wasn’t enough, the Surface Pro also contains more than 90 screws.

All this makes Microsoft’s new tablet impossible to repair and anyone trying to take it apart will probably destroy it in the process. Granted, tablets aren’t meant to be easily repairable, but the fact that it ranks lower than the iPad, which is notoriously tough to take apart and fix, doesn’t bode well for Redmond.

You can check out the gritty details here. Viewer discretion is advised.

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