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Nexus 10 pics and video leaked

by on28 October 2012

Polycarbonate build, curious docking connector

Mother nature has forced Google to call of the Nexus launch event, originally scheduled for Monday in New York. Apparently a massive super-storm is brewing off the eastern seaboard of the US and Googlers don’t like to get wet.

However, thanks to an anonymous leaker, we can now see the new Nexus 10 tablet in action. BriefMobile posted a series of photos, as well as a (very) short video of the tablet. The design is pretty interesting. It’s not as elegant as some Android slates, or Apple’s iPad, but it's not bad either. The Nexus 10 seems to feature a polycarbonate back, brushed to resemble metal. There’s also a grip-shaped pinch of dark rubberized plastic, similar to what we’ve already seen on the Nexus 7.

On the whole, the tablet looks very thin indeed and it also features a rather curious docking connector on the side, or at the bottom from a landscape perspective. The placement of the connector is somewhat reminiscent of Transformer tablets, but the Nexus 10 is not a convertible device. Whether or not the connector could be used for some sort of keydock add-on later on remains unclear.


According to the initial benchmarks, the Exynos 5250 manages to blow the competition out of the water, but it doesn’t seem a whole lot faster than Qualcomm’s latest S4 Pro quad-core chips.

Coupled with a 2560x1600 screen and 2GB of RAM, we are looking at the best spec’d tablet out there, hands down. However, specs aren’t everything and Google still has a long way to go before it can match Apple’s massive tablet ecosystem. The Nexus 7 was a good start, but the Nexus 10 is a different beast altogether. It’s not a cheap 7-incher, it has to go toe to toe with the iPad 4 and this will prove tricky, especially if it ends up with a massive price tag, which it inevitably will thanks to the overkill spec.

However, we still don’t know the price and Google might have an ace up its sleeve. The Nexus 10 is no iPad killer, but with the right price it could by Kryptonite for Microsoft’s Surface RT.

You can check out the pics here.

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