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Acer is still flogging netbooks

by on14 September 2012

Life there yet

While analysts and the Tame Apple Press claims that the netbook is dead and people are buying iPads instead, Acer is sticking to its guns.

Many had thought that Acer was going to pull away from making netbooks, but now it seems that it continue producing them. According to the Wall Street Journal the company has been offering mini-laptop computers with low power processors and low price tags since 2008 and has no plans to stop.

Acer’s latest netbooks include the Aspire One D270 10 inch mini-laptop with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N2600 Cedar Trail processor. The company also sells a few 11.6 inch notebooks under its Aspire One brand, including the Aspire One 722 with an AMD C-60 CPU and new Aspire One 756 with an Intel Celeron processor.

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