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Demand for thin-and-light notebooks creating shortages

by on26 June 2012

Not enough slim panels and metal chassis to go around

Strong demand for thin-and-light notebooks, inspired by pricey ultrabooks, is apparently causing shortages of slim displays and metal chassis, Digitimes reports.

Many vendors seem to be embracing the new “not quite ultrabook” approach and going for somewhat cheaper components than full fledged ultrabooks. However, they still have to used slim panels and other components to keep their designs from being too chubby.

Traditional panels are 5.2 to 5.5mm thick, ultrabook panels are 2.85 to 3mm thick, while slim panels used in ultra-like notebooks are 3.6mm thick.

In addition, vendors are also having trouble getting enough metal chassis as Apple has already booked up a lot of production capacity.

In related news, vendors are still limited to Intel chips, as AMD’s Trinity ULV does not seem ready for prime time and it is expected to offer better value than Intel processors.

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