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Surface tablet to ship with Office 15

by on20 June 2012

Windows RT version

After Microsoft announced Surface, its first tablet that surprised many, including Redmond’s hardware partners, we wanted to check out exactly why one would want to buy Microsoft’s tablet.

Let us remind you that iPad 2 and 3 are really good tablets and that many Android 4.0 tablets also offer a quite nice experience.

The selling point for Surface RT, at least the Tegra version, will be Office 15, something that we will later know as Office 2013 RT. According to Microsoft’s own surface website, “Surface for Windows RT includes Office 15 Apps “ and you can find it here.

Many corporate customers might consider buying a bunch of these tablets with magnetic keybards for their businesses, especially since they will run Office 2013, and the Office suite has been the weapon of choice for a vast majority of business users for years. This might be the edge Microsoft needs to take on Apple and Google.

However, getting one for your home will probably have something to do with Xbox integration, or a better gaming experience. With Google’s Nexus 7 launching at $199, it will be hard to sell the Surface at $500 to $600 against a wide range of similarly spec’d Android tablets and even some low-end iPads. 

Last modified on 20 June 2012
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