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Up to 30 touchscreen ultrabooks in the works

by on31 May 2012

Ivy Bridge refresh ready for Computex

Intel is planning to steal the show in Taipei with next generation ultrabooks in all shapes and sizes.

Based on new Ivy Bridge chips, the new ultrabooks will also serve up a few novel features. Intel claims that as many as 30 models will feature touchscreens and a few will also be convertible designs, which will come in handy with Windows 8.

A few vendors have already announced conventional Ivy Bridge ultrabooks, but no touchscreen designs have been announced yet. Of course, touchscreen enabled ultrabooks will end up somewhat pricier than their predecessors and the same goes without saying for convertible designs.

However, we should also see some cheap no frills models and let’s not forget first generation ultrabooks, as they will probably see quite a few price cuts as soon as Ivy Bridge models start rolling out.

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