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HP ready to roll out first Brazos 2.0 notebooks

by on30 May 2012

No frills 15.6-inchers

AMD introduced the first mobile Trinity APUs a couple of weeks ago and the launch pretty much overshadowed the introduction of Brazos 2.0. However, the first notebooks based on the austere Brazos 2.0 platform are now starting to trickle in.

HP seems to be leading the way with two no frills HP 655 15-inchers based on E1-1200 and E2-1800 chips. The E1-1200 SKU is a dual-core clocked at 1400MHz. It features HD 7310 graphics with 80 shader units clocked at 500MHz. It packs 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

The second SKU features a somewhat more powerful 1.7GHz E2-1800 processor with integrated HD 7340 graphics with 80 shaders. The base GPU clock is 523MHz, but in turbo mode it can hit 680MHz. It features 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive.

Both models weigh in at 2.45kg with a six-cell battery and both are priced in the €380 to €399 range. However, the E2-1800 version ships with Linux, while the other one comes with Windows 7 Home Premium.


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