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MeeGo and Chrome now an option for Netbooks

by on28 May 2012

Cedar Trail-M based

Of course Intel won’t forget Windows 7 Starter and at a later date even Windows 8 for notebooks, but it has decided to bring some new OS choices to this price sensitive market.

Intel now aims at $249 netbooks that can end up with 2GB DDR3 memory, 32GB SSD or 250GB HDD and Atom N2600, all in 7- to 10.2-inch form factors. It can also pack Crane Peak or Kelsey Peak wireless and the choices of operating systems including Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, MeeGo or even Chrome OS.

Even be bigger and more expensive netbooks with screen size between 7 and 12.1 inches and N2600 or N2800 CPUs and $249 to $399 price range are also ready for MeeGo or Chrome OS. The usual Windows tactics applies and Starter and Home basic are still an option.

In the latter part of the year Intel will also have Tizen as an option, but this is yet to ship in Q3 2012 if they don’t face any delays.

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