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Lenovo vows to have first Windows 8 Tablet

by on16 March 2012


Fighting to beat Dell

It looks like there will be a bit of a battle between Microsoft's business chums as to who will get the first Windows 8 tablet into the shops. According to the Verge Lenovo has said that it is flat out trying to make sure that it is the first manufacturer to release" a consumer tablet running Microsoft's forthcoming operating system upgrade. 

Lenovo's rumoured tablet will have an Intel chip and it might even be the IdeaPad Yoga which was seen at CES in January. If that was the case, Lenovo will have a 13.3-inch convertible that also functions as an ultrabook.

But if that it is the case it is going up against tin box shifter Michael Dell who has made a similar promise. In fact Dell is certain he can get an enterprise-targeted Windows 8 tablet "on the exact day" the OS ships.

None of them appears to have factored in that Microsoft has a new chum, Nokia, which has also said it wants to have a tablet out pretty smartish, and might be getting some help from Vole. The dark satanic rumour mill suggests that Nokia is working on a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet for release before the year is out. The maker of expensive printer ink HP and Acer are also in the running.

It will all be a close run thing. The latest date that is being touted for Windows 8 is an October 22 launch with tablets needing to be in the shops ready for the Christmas rush. This means that all of the manufacturers could have one ready in time.

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