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iPad 2 production being slowed

by on18 November 2011

Getting ready for next generation

Apple has always been great at managing inventory and making sure that they work with suppliers so that they don’t end up with a lot of old models of something they have to sell at a discount when the new version comes out.

Water cooler chit chat tells a story of Apple letting its panel suppliers for the iPad 2 know that they want them to decrease shipments. Apple has been ordering fewer panels from suppliers Samsung, LG, and Chimei Innolux in preparation for shifting focus to building the iPad 3.

Some rumors are suggesting that Apple’s move to cut back on panel orders could leave panel makers with excess inventory, as the new iPad 3 will apparently use a different panel. Still, it is estimated that panel makers could ship as many as 15 million panels to Apple for iPads this holiday season.

Apple does apparently have plenty of iPad 2 product available for those looking to give the gift of iPad this holiday season. Sources tell us that Apple should not run short of the iPad 2 this holiday season, but inventory could be tight for some models after the first of the year, depending on sales. Sales this holiday season are still expected to be brisk for the iPad 2, even though many users known that a new iPad 3 is coming next year.

Whispers we hear still talk of an early introduction of the new iPad 3 next year. It is unknown what features might be included with the next generation iPad, but rumors are rampant of what it might contain.

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