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Microsoft prepares quad core tablet

by on27 August 2011

Ready for Windows 8
Software giant Microsoft appears to be building a quad core tablet which it will release when Windows 8 is launched.

With Windows 8, Microsoft will have an OS that can handle PCs, tablets and smartphones as well as ARM and Intel architectures; and touch or conventional displays. In short it can boldly go where Microsoft has not gone before and make it a pretty useful operating system.

Redmond is expected to start handing out prototypes of the new tablets soon even if the product is not due for commercial release for many months.  The big idea is that it could keep Windows developers loyal and to build confidence among OEMs and other partners that Microsoft will be tablet player.

Quad-core Windows slates will apparently have an eight-hour battery life, 10-inch HD screens and 1080p playback.  The first wave will run Windows 7 and be W8-ready. There are lots of possible candidates for chips. Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm or even ST-Ericsson, all of which have promised quad-core around the turn of the year.
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