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Still no Honeycomb in EU

by on25 April 2011

500 + million market ignored
Honeycomb Android 3.0 tablets are only partially available in the US and when it comes to Europe, we still have a hard time finding them. Android 2.2 devices including Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toshiba Folio 100 and Point of View Tegra 2 tablets still didn’t get upgraded to Android 3.0.

Point of View has told us back at Cebit that they should have Android 3.0 in Q2 2011 (by June 30th) ad Galaxy Tab in its 7 inch iteration might be stuck with Android 2.2, but its 10.1 inch brother should come with Honeycomb. Toshiba will have a new tablet but Folio 100 will only get Honeycomb via hacks and XDA developers ports.

Motorola Xoom and Asus Transformer, both powered by Tegra 2, are still not available in any of the EU places we know off but you can pre order both of them. In the UK, Amazon claims that 32GB Wifi model should dispatch in six to ten days if you cash out £569.99 today, while 32GB 3G model should be yours after May 9th for 659.99.

We do expect to see some of them in Q2 2011 - we were told that Asus Transformer should be out any day now, but so far, we're yet to see it. It looks like that Android 3.0 tablet era is still on hold for Europe with a big indication that it might start in next two to three weeks. Even when its starts, it won’t mean that these tablets will come cheap.

On the other hand, even if you are after iPad 2, you are doomed to pay and wait for two to three weeks. However, you're guaranteed to get one by May 15th, something that we cannot certainly say for Android 3.0 tablets in the EU.

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