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Acer Iconia W500 ships in Blighty

by on18 April 2011

At a saucy £542
Acer’s Iconia W500 tablet promises to be one of a handful of proper x86 tablets on the market and if you happen to live in Britain, you can already get one at

We wouldn’t call it a bargain, but £542 will buy you an AMD Fusion C-50 processor at 1GHz, coupled with HD 6250 graphics. The Iconia packs a 10-inch screen 1280x800 screen, 2GB of memory, a 32GB SSD and Windows 7 Home Premium. Also, this particular bundle includes a keyboard dock, which effectively transforms this 970 gram slate into a hybrid ultraportable notebook.

Although this might sound a bit steep compared to Android tablets, the spec is quite impressive and let’s not forget that the Iconia can deal with x86 operating systems and applications, which is not the case with cheaper ARM-based tablets. However, at this point neither AMD nor Intel have plenty of adequate CPUs for the task, hence it will take a while before we see a lot x86 tablets in stores.

Retailers across Europe hope to have it in stock within the next two weeks, and the MSRP is €499, sans keydock.
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