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Acer Iconia tablets show up in EU retail

by on14 February 2011

Fusion goes ultra mobile
Acer's new Iconia tablets have popped up in the European channel and both of them are quite innovative in their own right.

The 14-inch Iconia is a dual touchscreen tablet based on Intel's Core i5-480M. It packs 4GB of memory, 640GB of stogare, three USBs, Bluetooth, WiFi and a 4-cell battery. It boasts two 14-inch LED backlit touchscreens and it has not mechanical keyboard despite its notebookish design. On the downside, it weighs 2.8kg, which is quite a lot, almost as much as a 17-inch laptop. The lowest list price stands at €1362 in Austria.

However, the Iconia WT1 is a proper tablet, with a single 1280x800 10.1-inch screen in a package weighing just under a kilo. It's based on AMD's Fusion platform, or to be more precise the AMD's Ontario based C-50 APU clocked at 1GHz. The C-50 packs two cores and integrated HD 6250 graphics with 80 shaders and UVD3 video engine. The tablet has 32GB of SSD storage, three USBs, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, UMTS/HSDPA,  card reader and a webcam.

It's priced at €499, which is close to other x86 based tablets and entry level iPad SKUs. It's also available with a keydock, which effectively turns it into a hybrid tablet. Sadly it's still not shipping, but it's clear we're looking at the best spec'd x86 tablet on the market. Mind you, unlike iOS and Android tablets, the Iconia runs Windows 7, making it a pretty interesting choice for anyone who can't live without Windows or people who can't be bothered with other operating systems.
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