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Dell kills off Adamo ultraportable

by on09 February 2011

Tell the kids we took it to a country farm
Dell's 13.4-inch Adamo ultraportable is no more. The company has announced that it would discontinue the Adamo brand altogether and the Adamo 13 stock was depleted after a couple of big discounts a few weeks back.

The even thinner Adamo XPS has already been discontinued, but the Adamo design lives on in the much cheaper Vostro V13 series. We must note that we liked the Adamo. We tested it a couple of years back and it was a very good looking piece of kit, albeit overpriced.

A few weeks ago HP offered a massive discount on its Envy 13 and it makes us wonder whether the smallest Envy will also go the way of the dodo. The Asus UX 30 also appears to be no more, as only a few stores still carry it.

So basically the only stylish 13-inch ultrathin available on the market is Apple's MacBook Air, the same one the Adamo and Envy 13 were designed to dethrone. Also, we know Lenovo still has some, but we're talking about stylish stuff here.

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