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Intel plans MeeGo tablets in June

by on27 January 2011

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Intel has revealed to a selected few that it plans to launch tablets based on the tablet version of MeeGo 1.2 in June 2011.

However, most of them will launch final hardware in Q3 2011. The tablet preview program has already started and some developers are submitting applications as we speak. Intel’s App Up center for tablet should also be ready in Q3 2011.

So, the big launch is slated for Q3 2011 and we are sure that Intel can have some designs ready for a hardware launch rather than a paper event. As we said in our previous articles, Intel's tablet strategy also relies on Windows 7 as well as on Gingerbread and Honeycomb, whatever can help the golden goal of selling more Atoms.

The reference platform is a single-core Oak Trail and some systems based on Windows 7 might show up as soon as March. The schedule calls for a big launch of MeeGo tablets sometime in June, which smells like Computex Taipei, Asia’s biggest computer tradeshow and you can imagine that Taiwanese vendors will be more than happy to give Intel a helping hand.

This is what Intel plans today and as you know plans tend to change, but this is the current one.
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